Foundation for European Economic Development

  FEED Assets and Investment Strategy

     In November 2016 FEED had been in existence for 26 years. In this time it has:

    =>  received an overall sum of 112,780 in donations and

    =>  distributed a total of 120,656 in grants to individuals and organizations.


Administration charges have been kept to an absolute minimum, amounting to an overall total of only 5,315 in 26 years.  This is an average of 204 per year and only 4.4% of donation income.

Capital and Investments

The surplus of income over expenditure has been invested to generate income for future awards. In November 2015 the capital assets of FEED were approximately 117,546 in value, consisting of unit trusts, shares, interest-bearing loans and bank deposits.

FEED has an investment strategy involving a target investment capital of 110,000 euros augmented annually from 1 April 2005 by 1% plus Eurozone inflation.

FEED plans to maintain the value of its capital investment at or above this target level. Any surplus over the target can be used for grants.