Foundation for European Economic Development

Donations to FEED

Major donors to FEED have been the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE), and the William Kapp Foundation. These donations were particularly important in building up the capital of FEED in its early years. The FEED Trustees express their deepest gratitude for these and all other donations.

New Donations

New donations to FEED are very welcome. At least for UK residents there are tax benefits associated with donations to charities such as FEED. You can donate to FEED by the following methods:

  • By PayPal or credit card


          By cheque

Cheques should be made out to "FEED" and sent to Professor Geoff Hodgson (FEED Treasurer), The Business School, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield AL10 9AB, UK. Cheques can be in any major currency, but non-UK cheques must be above the value of 50 to be accepted by our bank.

         By national or international bank transfer

Arrange a transfer with your bank to the FEED account, details of which can be obtained from the FEED Treasurer (,uk).


FEED resources are used to advance education in broader and more relevant approaches to economics in Europe.